Sofinco Contacter

Sofinco (the industrial and commercial finance company), founded in 1951, specializes in granting consumer credit in France. It offers credit solutions but also insurance, and credit repurchases. Sofinco


offers loans adapted to all your projects. You want to change your decor? Do work ? Organize a nice trip? Buy a new car or re-equip your interior? Whatever your project, Sofinco has the financing solution that allows you to achieve it serenely.

The amounts and duration of the loan are adapted according to your needs and the nature of your project:
• Personal loan
• Personal Auto Loan
• Loan Works
• Motorcycle Loan

With Sofinco benefit from the advice of a recognized actor with all its advantages:
• Principle immediate response,
• fixed rate guaranteed and defined in advance,
• TAEG fixed according to the amount and duration of your loan,
• with or without personal contribution,
• borrower insurance,
• rapid implementation of loans.

For any information, do not hesitate to call the advisers who are at your disposal at numero de telephone Sofinco: 0825 002 004 (Service 0.15 € / min + price call). Sofinco

Renewable Credits

offers you renewable loans that evolve and adapt to your projects. They allow you to have a sum of money to use freely whatever your purchases. The credit does not cost you anything when you do not use it, there are no fees and conditions vary depending on the sums available (fixed or revisable APR). As and when your repayments, your revolving credit is reconstituted and repayment terms can adapt to your needs:
• report,
• to make a break,
• anticipate the reimbursement of current uses.

Sofinco also offers a series of partner cards offering regular promotions, associated with renewable credits and including insurance and assistance guarantees for your daily expenses:
• R Premium Card
• Agile Visa card
• Kangaroo Map
• Spring Card
• Map Fnac


Sofinco is also a truly complete range of complementary insurance. To deal with all the hard knocks that can occur during a lifetime:
• Hospitalization Provision
• Accidents Solution Plan
• Juridic protection
• Remote monitoring and home alarm
• Accidental Hospitalization Guarantee
• Injury guarantee
• Budget Guarantee
• E-reputation protection
• Sécuricap

But as Sofinco is above all the credit leader in France, it offers insurance specially adapted to credit for not a health problem, or an unforeseen slows your budget or jeopardizes it. Each loan has its insurance:
• Vehicle safety
• Sécurivie
• Assur’Agile

To be well accompanied in your insurance choices and get the answers to your questions, advisors are at your disposal at Sofinco phone number: 0825 002 004 (Service 0.15 € / min + price call).

Credit Redemption

You have credits from several institutions and want to consolidate them into one loan. Sofinco can become your sole interlocutor by grouping all your loans (excluding mortgages) and by offering you, if necessary, an additional amount in one loan. Your credits are thus grouped around a single monthly payment often more advantageous.
The administrative procedures are taken care of by Sofinco and you do not take care of anything. Settlements are made directly to your creditors.